Goodwill’s Customer Appreciation Day

So it turns out that today was Goodwill’s Customer Appreciation Day. All purchases were 35% off.

I sure do love being appreciated đŸ™‚

I intended to just breeze through, scan for any reasonable project ideas and get out.

Good intentions count for something, right?

I didn’t find too many project ideas, as I was being blown away by finds that would work perfect for updating my fall/winter wardrobe. I did come away with one really awesome find, though, that I can’t wait to tear into.

Well, not really tear.

I would use my seam ripper.

So, first, a few of my ‘new-to-me’ fall/winter finds:

(small disclaimer: my camera was acting kind of funny so the pics are not exactly ‘true to color’ and they’re out of focus)

I snagged two cute skirts that I plan on pairing with opaque tights and boots:

A great pair of culottes in an amazing shade of orange and a navy belt. They are too small for me, but after some tweaking, they will certainly make someone else quite happy.

I’m sure of it.

I scored a very lovely, incredibly soft, 100% Cashmere hooded zip front cardigan. This makes me very happy.

Next is a darling black knee length cotton dress.

I’m thinking I’d like to take the bottom pleat trim off.

It’ll be perfect for an outdoor family reunion I’m going to in two weeks. I’ll just borrow my son’s black flip flops and call it good.

And last but by no means least….this dress is just plain Ah.Maze.Ing. I can’t wait to transform this little beauty.

And then, just as I was going to head to the checkout, I decided to take a quick gander at housewares. And suddenly, there he was. In all the luck I was having, I happened upon this little guy who clearly needed a loving home.

I was more than willing to oblige.


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