The Wedding Dress

I’m sure as I continue this blog, I’m certain that the subject of my mother will come up here and there.

She is, after all, the person who taught me how to sew and up until my senior year in high-school,I was the subject of her many creations.

So, as a way of letting you get to know my many inspirations, here is my mother’s wedding dress. My mother was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I am greatly inspired by Asian style and culture.

This wedding dress is incredible. It’s rare that I get it out but when I do I just love feeling it and admiring the construction.

It’s a lovely shade of light aqua and is made of Thai silk with hand-sewn details.

And yes, my mother was T.I.N.Y.

Here is the jacket, it zips up the back

The shell that is worn under the jacket. The embellishments are hand-sewn

And this is the skirt. I don’t know what size it is but if I had to guess, it would be a size -3. Seriously, my mother was so tiny.


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