Pretty flowers in your hair…

So, as I embrace this age of ‘early thirties’, I feel myself finally being able to define what style suits me, what feels comfortable and what I’m really drawn to. I’ve been a little bit of everything over the years. From what would be considered Goth, to Hip-Hop (yes.) to Preppy to Suburban Frumpy Mom.

The conclusion I have come to is that I don’t really fit into any specific category. Why it took me so long to figure that out, I’ll never know.

So, as a little birthday celebration of ‘Coming Into My Own’, I am now the proud subscriber to the

Blossom of the Month Club!

I came across this adorable site last night as I was trying to get all my ideas of re-working some vintage pieces I have, out of my head and onto paper. There is a Blogger/You-Tuber by the name of Lisa Freemont Street that I adore and have spent many an evening watching her Pin-Up tutorials.

I saw a video she did about Belle Blossoms and fell in love.

I’m quite excited to start wearing flowers in my hair. I shall post pics of the blossoms I get each month.

Hip Hip Hurray for being a girl!!


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