Just call me Phoenix

Last night I ventured into the world of Manic Panic.

I’ve always like red hair, like shocking red hair, and decided I would finally give it a shot. My inspiration is Go-Go Amy, a burlesque dancer/pin-up model.


Lacking a peaches-n-cream complexion wasn’t going to stop me from giving this look a shot.

I will post a picture soon but for now, I’ll just say that I find it endearing that my friend is calling me Phoenix

I used Ion Sensitive Scalp 40 Volume Creme Developer and Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener. I used two packets of the powder and 4 ounces of the developer. This only covered the top half of my hair, which in the end, worked out fine.

The color is Manic Panic Vampire Red. I colored the entire top half that had been lightened and then colored highlights that I had through the rest of the bottom half of my head.

I’m going to see what happens with the color in a few days after some washings and I may go back in and add in low lights of dark brown or black.


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