For the love of Mother Nature

On Sunday, during our little family getaway, we made our way to Rickette’s Glen. I say ‘made our way’ because it was a tiny adventure to get there having missed a very key exit. But not quite as exciting as our trip from the trail to the cabin. That journey incurred an additional 1.5 hours of travel time 🙂

So anyway, our family-o-five really enjoy hiking and hitting up trails. So when the hub-unit came across this trail of numerous waterfalls, we couldn’t wait.

I’m certainly relieved to know that had I gotten lost along the way, my beacon of pink hair would have shown through the greenery of the park. Had I gotten lost, it wouldn’t have been for long. But that’s just how I am. I like to be prepared.

One of my most favorite sightings was of this adorable creature. This picture does this pup no justice. He (or she) was as big as a polar bear!!  Well, okay, maybe a small polar bear…like maybe a baby polar bear that was nearing it’s 4 week birthday but still…..a polar bear nonetheless.

It was evident that this pup was devoted to his/her master. And his/her master very much loves this pup. You could just tell that they really depend on each other. I think my heart was officially won over when, as we walked back down the trail, the owner was standing in the middle of the stream, looking up at his polar bear to take pictures while it stood so very still, facing him from above (see pic above). And I mean very still. They were standing there for quite a while. So adorable. At point he told the pup to look to the left and he/she did. And just held the pose.

So. Stinking. Precious.

I could hardly stand it.


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