Happy Tuesday!

I woke up surprisingly chipper today despite not sleeping well last night.

As much as I love owls, the one that hangs out in our backyard was keeping me up with it’s ‘hooting’ all night long.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t the owl’s fault.

My restless brain is more to blame.

On the way home from PA yesterday, we stopped at a Labor Day festival in Lock Haven, PA. I ended up coming across some vintage and some not-so-vintage patterns and ever since then my brain has been on overdrive.

We got home too late for me to really study them but I managed to obsess using my imagination.

So many ideas swimming in my head!!

I will be doing a Sew-Along on another blog….

This one to be exact: Blog For Better Sewing

and while it would be ideal to use the same pattern as the majority of the group, I managed to snag a vintage pattern yesterday that I’m anxious to use instead.

So while laying in bed, wide awake, I was making my supply shopping list.

I will post my pattern treasures this evening!


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