It’s okay, you can say it.

I’ve been a slacker.

I actually have posted a number of blog posts….just in my head. This week, for some reason, they just haven’t actually made it on this blog. Today is Friday and I couldn’t be more grateful. Every night this week I have spent sewing buttonholes on three panels that I made to use as a ‘door’ for our closet in our bedroom. Little other crafting has been taking place. Which is okay, because this is still progress.

At lunch time today I will working on some sketches for some other projects I have up my sleeve. I will also be working on sketching the tattoo that I hope to be getting in a few months. This weekend will be spent preparing items to go into my soon-to-be-revealed Etsy shop. I’m quite excited about that.

My husband was also very encouraging with the idea of participating in a craft show. I have decided that I would like to do so in the spring. I have a theme of items I would like to work on and so having time to work on one or two smaller projects to build up an inventory for just this kind of event has me feeling inspired. Then again I’m inspired by pretty much everything. Leaves blowing in the wind, a single sound, a memory. My brain is on constant overdrive. Which is good for me. Well, good now that I’m finally using my hands as an outlet for all the ideas swirling around in my head.

So, the to-do list for this weekend is as follows:

Hang the panels for our closet

Prepare items for the Etsy shop

Paint my sewing room

Finish my painting for the sewing room

Polish all my mothers tableware items that I will be using as storage

Talk my husband into hanging shelves in my sewing room

Fingers crossed that I get it all done.


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