What to do about to do’s


So I didn’t quite get all my ‘to-dos’ from the weekend checked off. Um…pretty much not a single one of them. Bummer right?


It wasn’t because I didn’t want to though. Youth football tends to take over my life on the weekends in the fall and this past Saturday was no exception.

The good news is that this Saturday is our last day of games so I’m looking forward to getting more free time penciled in on the weekends.

Sunday I took the boys to the skate park but while they were doing their thing, I happily sat in the midst of a lovely breeze and cross stitched to my hearts content.

So I may not have gotten certain things done like I had intended but I would say I had a pretty successful weekend spending quality time with my boys.


So anyway, the panels did not get hung, I did not paint my sewing room, I did not finish my painting. I got nowhere near polishing any tableware and I didn’t even broach the subject of shelves with my dearest. I did sort through my ‘inventory’ for my Etsy shop though. I just need to get everything washed and ready for their photo shoot.


Tonight I have an evening that’s kind of full so I won’t be doing any crafting or sewing but tomorrow evening should prove to be successful. We shall see….


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