Etsy here I come!

Yesterday, a buddy came over and we shot my ‘debut collection’ of items going in my soon-to-be-announced Etsy shop.

My friend showed up to an on-the-verge-of-stress-overload-crazy-lady because, of course, things weren’t going as planned. I was running behind with my ironing and still had yet to establish a set up for the pics and busy apologizing for not being ready for her. She,  of course, was gracious.

I feel pretty lucky to be paired up with a really fun, laid back girl. It’s kind of funny, my brain is always swarming in colorful, random, chaotic ideas and I feel like I have to convince my listeners that my ideas really are fantastic.

However, I learned that my ‘model’ spends some of her spare time living out the kind of world I imagine. I love it! I admit I feel a bit redeemed. Anyway, she was SUCH a trooper! Very patient and encouraging.

My husband ended up being the photographer and it worked out beautifully. He got to tap into his creative side and I got to focus on my vision. A perfect match!

This first go ‘round of pics isn’t spectacular but just what I need for our first time out of the gate. I’m really excited about this new venture!

Many thanks to my super-model!! She is so fabulous! And a big shout out to my dearest, for accepting me and my zaniness with so much patience and understanding!!


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