Trick or Treat

So my oldest boy says to me last night – “My friend and I decided we wanted to dress up as a horse for Halloween”.

He of course followed it up with, “Do you think you could make a two person horse costume for us?”

Yes, it was about 5:30 pm on Monday evening.

Yes, they need this costume for school on Friday.

This boy is lucky that he has a mom that loves this sort of thing and enjoys putting herself under pressure in order to complete fun, creative projects.

So I told him, “Sure, I could do it”

I got out paper and a marker and started sketching out what it should look like and how I will make it. I will start it tonight.

And yes, I’m pretty darn excited!

I’ve never made a costume like this before. FUN!!

My costume will look much cooler than this one. Duh.


I also have my middle son’s costume to work on. Being the Star Wars fanatic that he is, he wants to be Luke Skywalker. So my mission tonight is to fashion him a robe and then I’ll figure out the shirt and pants tomorrow.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun of dressing up, I’m borrowing an owl costume idea from A Beautiful Mess

Elsie (the blog owner) is currently running 12 Days of Tricks and Treats and her guest blogger, Chelsea from, shared this cute costume idea below. SO adorable!


Nope. I didn’t forget I have a third son. My youngest. He’s going to be a Knight. He’s not thrilled about it, but in a it’s-a-long-story kind of way, he’s being a Knight. I’m going to make him the best Knight there ever was though, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be perfectly happy!



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