Oh Mary….

So, lately I have been getting caught up with The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In high school I spent many nights watching Nick at Nite and I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed shows like Dobie Gillis and Dick Van Dyke.  I decided to start watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Hulu, starting with Episode 1 from Season 1.

I didn’t anticipate how inspired I’d be from their wardrobe. LOVE!

What I also love about this show is the re-use of outfits and characters. Mary has a really awesome white belt with grommets and she has worn it on several episodes in Season 1. If I had that belt, I totally would too. And I adored how she wore a nightie in the second season that was given to her as a gift from Rhoda in the first season. Love that!

As I watch I whip out little sketches of ideas and take notes on details. If only I could spend my days in front of my sewing machine…….


One thought on “Oh Mary….

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