Dear Holiday Season, Welcome!

I came home last night to the sweetest surprise. My dearest had brought up boxes of Christmas decorations for me.

Now mind you, in the past, quite recent past, a mere mention of decorating for Christmas as early as Thanksgiving…well….let’s just say I’ve learned not to push my luck.

But last night, I came home to an invitation to decorate and I was thrilled!

My tree is up but not yet decorated. I wanted to let the boys decorate. And then when they go to bed, I will…re-organize the ornaments

And now, to help me get into the holiday spirit even more, I’m going to be taking part an ornament exchange hosted by none other than Strumpets Crumpets!

I love handmade ornaments but have settled for buying ornaments that look handmade. Someone’s hand made them somewhere so that’s kind of the same right?

Or perhaps a machine that was operated by a person’s hand made the ornaments so that makes them kind of handmade. Right? Bit of a stretch?

Well, I have to stretch no further and neither do you!

Click on the image or link below and sign up!

Strumpets Crumpets


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