A New Leaf…or two. Okay, three.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to personalize my blog more. I love blogging stuff I come across that inspires me or just gives me a laugh (see previous post)…. but I’d like to document my life a little more

With that decision, I have decided to start with exposing the condition of my sewing room.

It’s truly in distress. Each time I make plans to decorate, organize, or just get thing off of the floor, something pops up that takes precedence.

I was *thisclose* to getting paint on my walls but then the hub-unit decided he wants to “smooth the walls” before I paint. I’m not really sure what the means. Or even why it’s necessary. But he’s my main dude and I trust his judgement.

So…I continue to wait.

Nevermind that I overcommit myself to 20-million projects (I thrive off of it so it’s all good) but the problem is I have no space to really manage my projects. I move from the kitchen table (currently serving as my cutting table) to the living room (so I can spread out my material – whatever that material may be – or paint). And then I hole up in my sewing room when I’m hiding from the kids using my sewing machine or just assembling something small.

Let me show you exactly what I’m dealing with…. (and I didn’t photograph my closet on purpose – that’s just too much reality for anyone to deal with right now)


And my current project(s) that I was working on when I decided I wanted to blog. Yes. I have a problem with focusing.

So that’s my room. Yes, it’s kind of small but it’s perfect for me. Well, it will be once I get it all done.

Can’t wait to show you the finished product!  Bookmark my blog so in 2012 you can see the finished room 😉


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