Reflection and Re-Direction

Here it is, the first Friday of December. Where does the time go?? November  had barely arrived before it was gone.

I’m hoping that December does not follow suit.

I really love the month of December. Not as much as October, but it’s a close second.

I think I love it for the same reasons as many others. It’s not just for the Christmas holiday or how sentimental this season can be. It’s also about this being the 12th and last month of the year.

Being someone who likes to work under pressure, I sometimes feel like December is the last month to get things done that I had been wanting to do all year.

It could be something as random as reading a book or watching a movie. More often it’s trying to establish some habit I wish was already ingrained in my brain. Like journaling, or sketching daily or even getting small sewing projects up and out at a quicker pace.

So in order to help my motivation along, here is my list of December Goals:

1. Finish the painting that is currently hanging in my sewing room

2. Paint the walls in that same room

3. Mend the shirts and pants that are currently sitting in a tote

4. Create the backdrop for my Etsy photos for my new inventory

5. Spend one day just painting and creating with my boys, or the very least my youngest

6. Sweating it out in the gym at least 5 times a week for the entire month of December


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