It’s a new year!!


It’s true.

I’m a bad blogger.

The holidays were busy but laid back all at the same time, which means that 1) I’m learning to not overwhelm myself with stuff and 2) I put blogging on the back burner in the attempt to not overwhelm myself with stuff But I’m back! And what better day to re-start blogging than today, MY BIRTHDAY!

I’m not real big on celebrating my birthday, but it is kind of fun to come to that one day that advances you one more year ahead in the game.

I’m also not someone who feels defined by her age. Which works well for me since I still run around as if I have energy of a teenager. Note that I said “if” not “do”. Aging certainly keeps things interesting.

I am now 33 years old. Some things have changed over time, more physical than anything else. I think. Maybe my mind is going and I just don’t know it yet.

My knees get stiff after sitting in one spot for too long.

My lower back aches a bit if I’m bending over too much.

Loud noise is far less tolerable than it used to be.

But what I really love about becoming one year older are the things that haven’t changed. I don’t see age as something that assigns limits.

I still have dreams. Big dreams. And I still work towards achieving them. Granted my life is full of responsibility for caring of children and having to work to pay the bills and ensure I’m devoting time to nurture relationships. But those are such amazing things to have in life. I gladly accept those responsibilities. My life is richer because of those responsibilities.

It’s fairly common to assume that as you get older, certain things are no longer within reach. Taking up new hobbies, or trying something new becomes less desirable. Mostly because of the time it takes to invest in these things. When you get older, and life becomes more serious in a sense, it can be draining to think about spending anymore time or energy you have left in the day on something new. This, my friend, is what I call a rut. And I want no part in it.

My mother is a prime example of never letting age slow her down. She passed well before her time (and just four days ago marks 7 years of being without her) but right up to the end she played tennis (was damn good), she took correspondence courses to learn new things, she had many friends (many) and loved being a grandmother (whose memory lives on in them daily).

She was just 29 years older than I am now when she passed. And without realizing it, my footsteps fit perfectly into hers. I am very proud to be my mother’s daughter. Many things may be out of my control, but living life to fullest is not.

This year, just like the years before, and just like the example my mother set for me, I will embark on new things. New challenges. Perhaps I won’t succeed at them. But I’m not going to let the possibility of failing or missing the mark to keep me from going after my goals. The idea of not trying something simply out of fear is incomprehensible. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, or even today, so putting something off to try ‘later on’ is not within my timeline.

For now, my goals will be kept under wraps but as I get closer to them, I will be more than happy to reveal them here. Part of working towards new goals is about being prepared mentally, so until I’m ready to make them more public, I will keep these close to my heart.

It’s good to be 33.


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