Hello darlings!

My husband and three boys are currently pretending to be mountain men in the woods of PA this week. It’s a little lonely but I am making the most of this newfound solace. I took today and tomorrow off of work so that I could dilly dally around the homestead, doing as I pleased.

Today I woke up much later than I had wanted. 9:50am!!!  I was a little disappointed in myself. I never sleep in that late. It feels like I wasted half the day in bed. Then again, come Monday morning when I’m getting up for work I will be wishing I could sleep in.

I feel like I’m moving like molasses today, could be the heat but I’m already fretting that it’s 3:30pm and I haven’t done nearly half the things I wanted to do today.

At noon I had an appointment to get eyelash extensions. A friend told me about a coupon on Living Social for this service and I snagged it up. I decided to go ‘glam’ with these and chose to have the long lashes put on. I love them! They are pretty dramatic but that’s just what the doctor ordered. If I have them done again, I will go for the shorter length for a more natural look.

Once I got back home I decided I needed to start working on some much-anticipated projects. I have been needed to decorate my bedroom and bathroom for eons. A few weeks ago we had a yard sale with my in-laws. My MIL had some things laid out that I decided would be perfect for both rooms.

Here we have a set of wooden shelves, a set of metal branches with leaves (so very 80’s which I adore) and a set of mirrors.

The man of the hour

About one hour later, the finished products, dry and ready to hang

I’ll update soon with their final resting place.


2 thoughts on “Hello darlings!

  1. haha– i was looking at your lashes before i started reading and thinking– that’s not fair!! how did she get those and i ended up with my short brown ones!!:) i thought you were just really blessed with long, long lashes! they look AUH-Mazing!! I’d never return mine to normal if I tried those!:) How long do they last??

    Love your project, too!! xoxo

    • Thank you and thank you!!

      They last about four weeks. They’re just individual lashes that are glued on to the lashes, as opposed to the lash line, and the glue is super heavy duty to keep them on longer. I’m getting new ones done in two weeks. Going for a shorter length lash so they’re a little more natural looking. I love them!

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