Summer lovin’

I’m a fairly nostalgic person. I’m not sure why but my brain is constantly bringing up bits and pieces of my childhood, especially in the warmer months. I suppose that’s a sign of having a good childhood.

The other day I was met with a blast from the past quite unexpectedly. Looking for a treat in the frozen food aisle I spotted these!

When I was just a little tyke and my parents would take me to this….place…. I honestly don’t know what the store would be called. They only sold frozen foods. Weird, right? One of the reasons I loved growing up in PA. Anyway, my parents would take me to this ‘place’ so they could buy…frozen stuff and they would always let me get one of these! YUM!

Back in my day, of course, they came in a cardboard container and it had a flat wooden spoon fixed to the top. Nonetheless, it was the highlight of my day!

So, the other day, when I saw this box of Italian Ice I just couldn’t pass it up. Now I know these have been around for awhile but only then, the other day, did they really catch my eye.

I’m just glad I saw them when I did. The box holds six of them….there are five people in my family. Had I gotten them before my boys left for their trip we all would have only gotten one. And  with one left over it would have been unfair that someone got a second one. However, eating two a day by myself seems so much more logical seeing how it spares us from any domestic rumblings.

I know, I’m such a good mom, always thinking of my kids. It’s what I do.


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