See what .65 cents will get ya

I’m in love.

7 & 1/2 yards of this amazing fabric. For .65 cents. Nope. I’m not smoking crack. I promise.

Amazing right?!

I have two projects in mind, I just need to decide which one to do. Either two dog beds or chair covers for my kitchen.

Today I took the boys thrifting at a few ‘new to me’ places in a nearby town. One store in particular, The Hidden Pearl, had me riveted. It was the first shop we stopped in and so I wanted to look around the other stores before making any purchases, but by the time we were done with the other stores, all four of us were so hungry it would have been torture delaying the nourishment process.

So I plan on going back. Maybe next weekend. There were a few dresses and a jumper that I’m coveting. And a ring. And a necklace.

This fabric was found, however, at my favorite Goodwill. I have this…process I’ll call it… when it comes to shopping at Goodwill. I’ve often joked about it with a friend of mine but it’s such a true method for me, I have never been let down. In an effort to control my thrift (aka spending) habit, I only – ONLY go to my favorite Goodwill store when I get the most overwhelming feeling that I MUST go.

It’s like my intuition kicks in and tells my brain “You need to go to Goodwill today. You won’t be disappointed.”. Sure enough, as in, never-fails-sure-enough, when I trust that instinct and go, I end up finding the best items. The best!

I picked up a few other things but this fabric is a striking favorite today. I can’t wait to make something with this.


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