My brain is funny sometimes

Quick little background on me. I’m active. I play sports (okay ‘a sport’ but whatever) and I work out routinely, pretty much twice a day. But if there is one thing I dislike, its running. I’m not sure why. I just don’t like to do it. Just the same, I’ve somehow managed to find myself running in two races in years past and each time I finished I told myself “Never again!”

Yet, somehow, here I sit, looking at a note on my calendar that says ‘Race Day!’

My brain is sabotaging me once again. In less than 11 weeks I’m going to run a trail half marathon.

It’s during a two day bike festival for trail runners, mountain bikers and the like to come together and whoop it up. It should be a fun time in spite of my malfunctioning brain. My oldest will compete in a mountain bike race and most likely my hubby, G.

G and I went running last night on a trail. It’s kind of annoying running with him. He hasn’t run in at least two years and there he was last night, running out and then back to me “Come on babe! You can do it!” ARGH!

I love how supportive he is.

The next 11 weeks will prove to be interesting.


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