More project wrap-up

I finally finished  these place mats for a friend of mine.

These are two of a set of four.

I gave her the first two at her bridal shower.

She was married in January.

Hey, at least they’re done! Hurray for that, right?

These place mats were a lot of fun to make. I used two pieces of vintage fabric and cut them into squares and pieced them together. I then used dark brown burlap for the backing. Finished it off with brown bias tape and Voila!  Fun, very pretty, unique place mats.

I had intended to give her all four at her shower but my sewing machine decided to throw a tantrum and I couldn’t get them all done in time. And then in true ME fashion, this little project got pushed to the side.

I came home from the gym today and decided to get these done and off my sewing table. I just adore them! I may have to dig up some more colorful fabric and make some for my own kitchen table.

Speaking of which, I decided to use that fabric from Goodwill I picked up the other day and recover my kitchen chairs.

 I love the results. It makes such a difference in my kitchen.


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