Thoughtful Thursday

I was thinking I would try something new today. I tend to have a lot of odd questions that pop up in my head throughout the day that often go unanswered. Mostly because its me asking myself the question. Maybe if I get them out of my head, someday, a kind soul will come along and offer up some insight.

Thoughtful Thursday – take one!

Image via here

1. Can you sneeze an organ out of place? Sometimes when I sneeze, I feel like something moves, an intestine perhaps, and gets bunched up or something. I’ll even feel a twinge of pain and have to straighten up and kind of rub my stomach …because that seems like the right thing to do.

2. I will often drop a contact in my bathroom and never be able to find it. Like ever. It will fall off my finger and I will stand perfectly still, not moving my feet a hair, bend down to look for it but nope….gone. Gone, gone, gone. Am I crazy?

3. Sometimes when I’m out somewhere and I notice someone, for some random reason, and I think something boldly about them, whether if it about their outfit or something they’re doing, I get startled if they make eye contact. Because then the thought pops in my head, “Oh my gosh, what if they can read my mind?!” and I’ll change the subject out of embarrassment… in my own head.

No, wait….don’t leave….it’s rare that I think that, I just figured I’d throw this one out there. Forget I said anything…

4. I tend to laugh at everything. Mostly because I’m easily amused. My friends seem to enjoy it because it offers encouragement that they are funny people. But sometimes when I laugh, even though I’m honestly amused, I wonder sometimes if it’s just some weird social anxiety I have and am just not aware. Because I seriously laugh at everything. I’m even laughing now as I type this. So weird. I just assume it’s because I’m a happy person but perhaps I’m just off my rocker and not fully aware of it yet?

Happy Thursday folks!!


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