Why I Love My Boys

Why I Love My Boys – Reason 523

 They let me do stuff like this to their heads.

We were at a grad party and things were dwindling down but we were asked to stay and keep partying – cause that’s just how we roll. To make the evening a little more interesting while the party transitioned into a more intimate affair, it was decided a game of tag should begin. And what’s a game of tag without battle gear? I fashioned headgear out of rally towels (Go Spartans!) and shiny centerpieces. Game on fools!

 Why I Love My Boys – Reason 524

 They help me make clothing decisions. I have recently started feeling confident enough to start wearing belts. I’ve just had this…thing…about drawing attention to my waist line, or rather my rear end which would garner the spotlight with a cinched waistline. So I’ve avoided it at all costs. But I’ve learned to embrace my womanly curves. Well, learning. It’s a process.

Whenever I try something ‘new’ I always ask the boys what they think. There’s nothing more honest than asking the opinion of three boys ages 13, 12 and 11.

 This belt got the thumbs up. I do love it. Another thrifty find. I love the buckle detail. It’s an easy new favorite accessory of mine.

Happy Friday everyone!


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