Is it Thoughtful Thursday already?

My goodness time flies.

So here I am, it’s morning time and my new favorite part of the day this summer. I’m up early so I can get ready for work but before I start getting ready I sit in my little nook and drink coffee and just listen to the birds. Or in this case, sit in my little nook, drink coffee, listen to the birds and type on a computer.

So here’s just one thought I have running through my head.

1. Pets with human names. Good idea?

We have three dogs, Mike, Harvey and the ever common Cassie. Really it’s Cassandra but she’s so stinkin’ cute Cassandra becomes “Cassiegirlmysweetbabydollwhatareyoudoinglookingsocute!”. She knows her name pretty well.

So anyway,  G calls me while I’m at work and says “Mike’s in jail.” Of course I first think in my head, my brother Mike? His friend Mike? Oh my gosh, who is Mike and why is he in jail? Is this going to cost us money?!

None of the above. It was our dog Mike. You see Mike and Harvey are escape artists. They have a huge beautiful fenced in yard but as spoiled as they are, that is clearly not enough. So they spend their days working the fence line, identifying weak spots. Well yesterday they found one and took off. As G was on his way to work, he saw the Five-O trying to round them up. Harvey got away by hopping a barbed wire fence and down a dark alley but Mike was apprehended. G knew the jig was up and figured he would just go to work instead of wasting time trying to fast talk the feds from letting Mike go.

So we had to break out Mike last night at the cost of $28. Jerk off. I doubt he pays us back.

The offender Mike, can you see the shame on his face?

But here’s the thing. I’m at work, minding my own business when I get a call “Mike’s in jail”. Forgetting I’m in an office setting I say “What?! Mikes in jail?!”, which of course prompts looks of concern and gossipy curiosity from my co-workers. Had I said, “What?! Fluffy’s in jail?!” that might have been better. Or not. Either way, the panic that quickly set in, and quickly faded once I realized G wasn’t talking about a human but it got me thinking, maybe this is why it’s not a good idea to name pets with human names.


One thought on “Is it Thoughtful Thursday already?

  1. thanks for all your comments on my posts– i really enjoy reading what you have to say! and i love this thought of yours!:)…funny, funny story– i’m sure not at the time…but good food for thought:). my mom-mom and pop-pop named their dog “butch”. which also is my dad’s nickname…that was a little weird. (who does that to their own son??) but…i totally get what your saying!!:)

    have a lovely vaca with your man!…enjoy your fourth!


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