It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

Oh my gosh I’m so excited today is Friday! Why you ask? Uh, because, on Sunday after we drop our boys off at summer camp, the Man and I are going on a little vacay, just the two of us. I am SO excited!

We haven’t gone on a trip, just the two of us, in a-g-e-s. Not that we mind, we tend to be lost without our three sidekicks hanging around, but I think all five of us are ready for a little break from each other. That happens, you know? As close knit as our family is, the kids need time away from us just as much as we do. If not more some days.

So the boys are going to camp, a time they look forward to every year. With the exception of my youngest, this will be his first time. And the first time I’ve ever been away from him for an entire week. We will visit on Family Night Wednesday but it aches my heart a bit to hit this milestone with my baby. I think he feels it too.



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