Thoughtful Thursday and still going

Today is my first day back to work after having taken some time off to spend with the man. He left me early this morning for his 24 hour shift and the boys are still at camp, which means I’ll be home alone tonight and won’t see G until tomorrow evening. Usually that’s not a big deal. I enjoy my alone time. But having just spent five days with him and not having to deal with work or any other real responsibility, today is a touch bitter.

So, my thought for today is a rather sentimental one. We’ve been married for almost fifteen years (our anniversary is in October). I was crazy young when we got married. Like super young and if any of my boys think they’re getting married at the age of G or I, they’re out of their minds. Then again… some crazy coincidence we both seemed to know what we were doing.

I was never one to be easily impressed by guys. Never one to be won over simply by a kind word or gesture, I never could quite understand how some girls would fall over themselves over guys who were clearly feeding them nothing but lines. I would sit back and watch in wonderment at how that sort of thing played out. A time or two I would even ask the girl, usually a friend, “Really?”. But yep, really.

I had gotten to know G a little as we both had friends in common. He was always kind of reserved, not show boaty like most of his friends, or rather most guys in the military. So we would just sit and chat. Then one day he called me up and asked if I wanted to go to lunch while he was on duty. I said yes. I don’t think either one of us realized after that date we would become inseparable.

Our first date was to Burger King on base at the PX. Which he ended up having to leave me in the middle of to settle some dispute that had erupted in the main part of the store.

That was our first date. And really, it just set the tone of our soon to be budding relationship. Everything about our interactions with each other were real. No smooth lines (although I’m certain he tried a few without success), no fancy dinners and unrealistic expectations. Just two people, being themselves, enjoying each others company. Not having a clue about where they were headed but realizing that it’d be a whole lot of fun to venture into the world together.

Flash forward to Sunday, after dropping the kids off at camp, we climbed onto his bike and headed north. With a few essentials and a tent packed into the side bags we took off for an island. Despite warnings that it was a party island we wanted to go anyway. Sure enough we soon found ourselves in the midst of drunken debauchery. Which wasn’t all bad, it leaves for some interesting people watching.

Despite the atmosphere, we managed to do what we do best. Enjoy each others company. There may as well have been 10 people on that island instead of 1000. In a quiet, natural way, we found ourselves secluded, away from most of the buzz, even when we were right in the middle of it.

We spent three days just doing as we pleased, taking in the atmosphere and pointing out the things our boys would enjoy. For three days we had not a care in the world and it was amazing.

We usually get a ‘congratulations’ or a handshake when people find out we’ve been married this long. And it’s always nice to hear. But I don’t think either one of us really think about our relationship and how long we’ve been together. When someone asks how long we’ve been married and we say “Fifteen in October” and they ask “Really?”. Yep, really.

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