The firsts don’t stop just because your baby isn’t a baby anymore

Saturday morning I woke up to a brand new day. As usual. An invaluable blessing no less. But this wasn’t just any brand new day. This was the first day of my 365 day journey of parenting a 14 year old boy.

My precious boy, my oldest of three sons, has turned 14.

He has been counting down the days since he turned 13. I remember turning 14, it really is a big deal. When school begins in the fall he will be starting school as a Freshman. Yet another reason to be excited about being 14.

I feel pretty blessed to be able to share my days with this boy. He is my gentleman (minus the fart jokes), always one to wait for me to get out of the car to ask if I need help with anything. One of the first of the three to ask me how my day was and really want to know. He shares his thoughts with me, asks my opinion and really wants to hear it, we talk about his future and reminisce about the past.

He has such a gentle heart, a sarcastic smile and the gleam of his fathers eye. He’s turning into a man (slowly, or for as long as I can hold it off) before my eyes and I can’t help but tear up when I think of my once little baby boy. He truly idolizes his father. He looks up to him and wants to be him and wants to be bigger than him. Not just in size but in life. He wants to make his father proud and while that sometimes gets lost in translation by his father, I understand it loud and clear.

This boy impresses me beyond measure and I can’t even put into words how deeply proud of him I am. He is my first child, a big brother and a companion I could not live without.

I often tell him that being the first born, he is our guinea pig. With every new step he takes, it’s a new one for us as parents as well. I tell him that I’m sorry if I make mistakes along the way but I am doing the best I can with nothing but his happiness and best interests at heart. And if he ends up really screwed up despite our best efforts, his Uncle is a psychologist so help is only a phone call away.

I love this man of mine and I’m excited each day to watch him figure out life, with one hand on his shoulder to help guide him through murky waters and the other hand on his heart to protect it as only a mother can.


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