My life with boys



If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture probably most accurately sums up my life living with four boys.

This is my kitchen table covered in boxing gloves. They had just been washed and needed a place to dry. Can you think of a better place than a kitchen table?

I love how active my family is. My husband is very physical. He works for a very busy fire department, he works out consistently, coaches a very promising roller derby team [my team of course ;)], he is a boxing trainer and works with MMA fighters.

I play on a roller derby team and try to test myself as often as possible in the gym. I love me some man muscle. A lot of girls just want to slim down, but I love the curves that muscles provide. Having biceps and a developed back is what makes me feel womanly.

My boys are involved in sports year round and I love seeing them push themselves. If there is any one thing I’m most passionate about it, it’s getting kids to test their limits.

The human body is amazing. We are capable of so much. But there is one muscle that is stronger than any quadricep or deltoid. And that’s the brain. The mindset of talking yourself out of doing something is incredibly powerful. Nothing makes me crazier than hearing “I can’t do that.”. My immediate response is “Yes you can!!”.

If only we weren’t so controlled by thoughts of doubt, it’s incredible what we could accomplish.

So with my boys, my husband and I are always pushing them. Not in a crazy stage-mom, “I am living vicariously through you’ kind of pushing, but in a way that we want to teach them through our own past experiences to not be afraid of challenges. To not be afraid of the unknown. We want them to understand that life is meant to be lived, to feel each moment and be fully awake in each day they have in this world.

And in doing that, my kitchen table ends up covered in boxing gloves.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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