Brain Dump

This girl is on a roll!

First things, first. I’m ker-razy excited that dreadlocks are in my future! I’ve been playing around with the idea for months and I am finally taking the plunge. And not only that, I was lucky enough to win a $25 gift certificate for the Etsy shop I will be ordering from, Damnation Hair. Saturated Canary ran the giveaway and I may have pumped my fist in the air when I saw that I had won. If you haven’t been over to meet Krista, please do. I came across her blog about a year ago (my how time flies) and instantly became smitten!

Second, I can’t get over how beautiful my husband’s photos look in his Etsy shop. (click image to go to his shop)

He definitely has creative components to his soul and to see him sharing that part of himself with others warms my heart. He’s dabbled with sketching, character and architectural. I love that he’s this creative guy underneath a guys-guy exterior.

THIRD! I have finally gotten stocked up with supplies to get my new line of roller derby accessories and fall/winter projects underway. I need to have an inventory ready to sell in two weeks so I’ve got to get caught up. And then, hopefully, I’ll be hitting up my first round of craft shows this coming winter and spring.

AND I will be helping my youngest son make bracelets out of this wire. He really loves making/creating things and at this point he achieves his most success making jewelry. I adore it but I do worry about other kids harshly judging my 11 year creative son. So instead of earrings we are going to work on creating seriously awesome bracelets and whatnot out of this wire. We’re pretty pumped.

Fourth. Look at this beautiful couch that now sits on my front porch. My man wasn’t too keen on it when I told him that we were going to be the happy owners of a new-old couch but I just knew he’d love it. And sure enough, it’s everyone favorite place to hang out. This part of our house is the dreamiest. The breeze that comes through the two corner windows is simply divine.

And this is the view from that window you see there. For some reason it really relaxes me. The garden, the creek (especially after it rains and water is high and flowing) and then off to the right (not pictured) is a windmill.

Fifth. My Etsy shop is well underway with new stuff. I’d love it if you stopped by to take a gander.


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