Time flies when you’re having fun

Good heaven’s my world has been a whirlwind as of late.  Is that sentiment getting redundant? I spend most of my days trying to catch up with myself. Without much success I might add.

The football season has our little family fairly preoccupied. We spent 9 and a half  hours STRAIGHT at football games on Saturday. Evenings are spent cooking, cleaning and running off to practice. I think we’re figuring out a routine though which is creating more organization and less chaos. I think.

The really great part is that fall is creeping in and I’m getting pretty excited about it. There’s just something about a crisp evening of football with a pumpkin spice latte that really makes you appreciate the simple things in life.

I will admit, watching my oldest son playing High School football has been pretty exciting. Especially with him getting a decent amount of playing time on the JV team and slowly making his way on the field during Varsity games Friday nights. I think for most football players, playing Friday nights under the lights is probably exciting. I can only imagine it feels pretty good to be a Freshman being pulled up to the play with the big boys.

Meanwhile, my attempts to document my going-on’s with a camera have failed miserably.

I’ve been crafting/sewing, experimenting more with my growing vintage wardrobe.

I have a few craft shows lined up so I’m pretty pumped about that. Planning for that has me revved up and ready to get things moving. But one step at a time. I’m hoping my bags sell well this Friday. My Etsy shop has taken a back seat because of this but that’s okay. I’m pretty content with how things are rolling.

So, no pictures. If only I could stick a flash drive in my ear and download all the images and ideas floating around. But alas, technology is not quite that advanced yet.


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