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Last night a friend of mine that is interested in giving fighting a try came down to my gym. Since I started training I’ve mostly just been working with men who are much taller than me. And stronger. So having a girl come down who is my size was really exciting. Working with bigger guys is really beneficial, if I can move them, I’m going to be able to move a girl my size much easier. But having someone my height made training so much more fun.

My weight is staying steady. I suppose that’s better than gaining but I want to drop weight and I’m clearly not doing enough to make that happen. I need to start counting calories and upping my cardio. Not my favorite things to do but if I want results it’s a necessary evil.

My biggest problem is not eating breakfast. I don’t have much of an appetite when I first wake up so the thought of eating actually makes me nauseous. I’m going to have to train my body to accept food in the morning a little easier. That’s going to be essential to get my body into fat-burning mode.


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