16 Years Ago Today

I was in a country bar called Cody’s in Killeen, Texas.

I was 17 years old, fresh out of Basic and AIT in the Army and getting used to my new surroundings at Fort Hood.

I had exactly one friend (a friend I had made in boot camp and traveled to AIT with and was now stationed)

and a couple of guys we made acquaintance at reception upon arriving at Fort Hood for our assignment.

I had little notion that on this night I would be meeting the one person who would become my closest friend.

The person who would know me better than anyone else.

The person who would know how to push me to irritation and sweep me off my feet all in one day.

There’s no way I could have known, that night, that the person I was about to meet was going to become my husband just 9 and a half months later.

Nor did I know that with him we would be the parents of the most amazing boys to ever walk this earth.

To this day I marvel at how unaware I was that I was making the best decision of my life.

image via here


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