An aching in my bones

If you live in Northeast Ohio you were certain to have enjoyed the lovely 60 degree weather. I’m not sure whether to dread such changes in weather during winter or embrace the break from the cold and wind. Last night I decided to embrace it. G christened the grill we gave him for Christmas and I was able to take in the night sky for a few moments while breathing in the warm air. There is something so peaceful about looking into the sky and taking in the stars. That world that hovers around us. I appreciate the feeling of being small and insignificant. I find it comforting to be reminded there is so much out there, much bigger than I am, so much beyond what I’ll ever truly understand.

Oh how I miss warm weather. I’m not built for the cold, despite living in states that spend more time being cooler than warm. My goal is to make it to the beach on the east coast this summer at least once. I haven’t been on a beach in years. My bones are aching for some sand and heat.


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