Sadly summer is coming to a close, school will be starting up in just a few weeks.

This summer has been pretty amazing though so I can’t complain. The boys and I have spent a better part of it at the lake or just lounging around.

I’ve been trying to tap into my creative side a bit more lately as well. It’s something that’s been pushed to the wayside for the last few months while I was focusing on other things. But I’m back at it. I have no real creative direction at the moment but I’m figuring as I dabble around with different small projects, true inspiration will hit.

Speaking of inspiration, my boys crack me up. I remember being so inspired while watching the Olympics. Especially when I was a gymnast. The skies the limit. Two of my boys seem to be suddenly inspired to become swimmers though. An interest they have never even pretended to have before. They’re so weird.

As our free summer days wind down, we still have a lot of fun planned. Can’t wait to close out this summer with a lot more happy memories.


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