Photo Dump

The other day I spent some time with the son of a friend. He’s 4 and boy do I miss that age. We did a lot of this….

And the weekend before last my hubby brought this home to me….a gorgeous coffee table and tiered…something or other

This week I am on a week of vacation and I’m LOVING it! The weather is amazing and not feeling pressed with too much to do….it’s doing wonders for my soul.

One of my goals this week is to get my Etsy shop updated and going again. I’ve already started and hope to have a full stock of inventory listed by the middle of this week. Some of what is going in my shop are lined zippered pouches I worked on over the last year.

(please forgive the lighting of these photos – a high school gymnasium does not provide the best lighting for photographs)

and also going in the shop soon, fun bookmarks! Who doesn’t love a cute bookmark?


Smash posting!

With as busy as I have been, here is a ‘Smash’ post of what I’ve been up to

(‘smash’ as in the trending scrapbooking idea of scrapbooking a single page or two with whatever is on your mind at the moment – which I’m loving and think it will suit me perfectly. See more via SMASH)

Anxiously waiting for Saturday so I can see this much anticipated fight

Tate vs Rousey

Visualizing my personal fitness goals

Pauline Nordin

Trying to clean up my eating habits

The Hormone Diet

Planning the annual summer getaway for just me and my man

Worlds End State Park

How I have unfortunately been feeling for the last three weeks

Ouchy sinuses

and still loving my shaved head

An aching in my bones

If you live in Northeast Ohio you were certain to have enjoyed the lovely 60 degree weather. I’m not sure whether to dread such changes in weather during winter or embrace the break from the cold and wind. Last night I decided to embrace it. G christened the grill we gave him for Christmas and I was able to take in the night sky for a few moments while breathing in the warm air. There is something so peaceful about looking into the sky and taking in the stars. That world that hovers around us. I appreciate the feeling of being small and insignificant. I find it comforting to be reminded there is so much out there, much bigger than I am, so much beyond what I’ll ever truly understand.

Oh how I miss warm weather. I’m not built for the cold, despite living in states that spend more time being cooler than warm. My goal is to make it to the beach on the east coast this summer at least once. I haven’t been on a beach in years. My bones are aching for some sand and heat.

Seeking Therapy

It seems that about every other month I have panic attacks in my home where I think I’m being suffocated by…stuff. Just stuff. The boys stuff. My husbands stuff. My stuff.

I don’t think we necessarily have a lot of stuff. It’s just finding places to put the stuff that makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes.

So instead of feeling plagued by our stuff and trying to use avoidance as a coping tactic, which clearly isn’t working, I’m going to work on purging some of our stuff and finding actual places for the remaining stuff.

I’ve fallen in love with Apartment Therapy to help me figure out what I can do to ease this process and also enhance the process of making my house more of a home.

Our house has been under a constant process of construction for the last seven years. At this point you’d think I was feeling good about projects finally coming to a close or long awaited projects beginning but truly, I’m very uncomfortable in my house. I don’t feel relaxed when I come home.  Not how I prefer my home to be. This time of year is not ideal either. We have three dogs and three cats in addition to our family of five in a house that is 1,000 square feet. All eleven of us are cooped up in a house that really feels out of sorts. Does not make for a happy me.

Hopefully with the next slew of changes we ( namely my husband) is working on, and some re-organizing I am doing, will soon result in me feeling more at home.

Part of that process  requires me to learn to work with what we have, not what we don’t. No matter how much I protest, I am not going to gain another foot of depth in my closest by crossing my arms and scowling. That method doesn’t work. Cuz I’ve tried.

Here are some of my favorite images of inspirations to help me during this process

image via here

image via here

image via here

Hello Dolly!

I fell in love with Dolly Parton when I was far too young to be watching The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

I loved her twang, her sass and her larger-than-life positive attitude and gusto.

And she looks exactly the same back then as she does right now.

It’s a wonder really….

“If it’s a-sagging, a-bagging, or a-dragging, I’m gonna get it sucked, tucked, or plucked”

Okay, so it’s not so much of wonder. God love her, she’s a hoot!