Photo Dump

The other day I spent some time with the son of a friend. He’s 4 and boy do I miss that age. We did a lot of this….

And the weekend before last my hubby brought this home to me….a gorgeous coffee table and tiered…something or other

This week I am on a week of vacation and I’m LOVING it! The weather is amazing and not feeling pressed with too much to do….it’s doing wonders for my soul.

One of my goals this week is to get my Etsy shop updated and going again. I’ve already started and hope to have a full stock of inventory listed by the middle of this week. Some of what is going in my shop are lined zippered pouches I worked on over the last year.

(please forgive the lighting of these photos – a high school gymnasium does not provide the best lighting for photographs)

and also going in the shop soon, fun bookmarks! Who doesn’t love a cute bookmark?


Smash posting!

With as busy as I have been, here is a ‘Smash’ post of what I’ve been up to

(‘smash’ as in the trending scrapbooking idea of scrapbooking a single page or two with whatever is on your mind at the moment – which I’m loving and think it will suit me perfectly. See more via SMASH)

Anxiously waiting for Saturday so I can see this much anticipated fight

Tate vs Rousey

Visualizing my personal fitness goals

Pauline Nordin

Trying to clean up my eating habits

The Hormone Diet

Planning the annual summer getaway for just me and my man

Worlds End State Park

How I have unfortunately been feeling for the last three weeks

Ouchy sinuses

and still loving my shaved head

An oldie but a goodie

It was finally time to do something with this mass of hair on my head. I’ve been growing it out forever and in an attempt to keep me from getting so bored I would take scissors to it, I installed dreadlocks. Which I LOVED.

Which I also realized was not MMA-friendly.

It wasn’t long after taking out the dreads that my fingers started itching for the scissors.

I have a lot of hair. And it’s thick. For some reason I was blessed with an abundance of hair follicles. I’ll never forget when I was in  Thailand and my Uncle, who owned a salon, looked at my hair and said through his accent “You look like a lion” gesturing with his hands opened wide and above his head, ha ha!

So I started looking on the world wide web for some hair ideas. And lo and behold, my 8th year in school came back to haunt me. Shaved sides! I had no idea this trend had come into style.

When I was younger I used to spend every morning before school either soaking my head in a sink of Black Cherry Kool Aid or shaving the sides of my head.

My brother used to make fun of me for it. Which I think was the beginning of my “I don’t care what anyone thinks, I like it!” attitude when it comes to clothes and hair.

I think at the time, the only other kids with long hair and shaved sides were other skater boys, which at that time were not many.

For the last few years I’ve been aching for a mohawk hairstyle. So perhaps this is my ‘grown up’ compromise?

Anyway, I don’t care how popular this hair trend may be right now. I do what I want because it’s what I want. Not because of what’s in style. Because actually, most of what I like is never in style.

Regardless, whether I’m one of many or on my own, I just do me. And that, my friend, never goes out of style.

So here we are!

Love having my own library

I lied. I don’t have my own library.

But being that I work in a high school, I have a library right across the hall from me and it thrills me to no end.

And having a friendly relationship with the librarian is an extra bonus.

That being said, I have jumped on the The Hunger Games bandwagon. My oldest son, who is 14 and avid reader, read the series along with his friends forever ago.

He had mentioned that he really liked the books. After seeing the trailer recently for the upcoming movie and hearing from a continuous stream of other readers,

I decided to check it out. It did not disappoint.

My son’s friend let me borrow his copy and I started it while waiting for my youngest son’s wrestling match to begin on a Sunday afternoon

and finished it before breakfast the next morning.

Not being patient enough to wait on two teenage boys to coordinate a hand off for the next book in the series,

I walked on over to my library and snatched up a copy of Catching Fire.

Can’t wait to get started!

And even more anxiously, I can’t wait to see the movie.

I forsee a movie date with my  boys in March.

10 day recap

Life grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I was finally able to break free long enough to put something new on here.

To keep this post under500 words, I’ll just bullet-point my going-on’s. I’m certain my immense number of followers have been concerned 😉

  • I gots me a new job! I will soon be a high school secretary. Glamorous corporate go getter? Not quite. But I absolutely could not be happier about this new venture. The work, the environment, the schedule – it’s a dream for me and I can’t wait to get started in two weeks.
  • My two oldest boys went on a mission trip and their youngest brother is having serious withdrawals. Thank goodness they come home Friday night. And I kinda miss them too
  • I have jumped on the bandwagon otherwise known as Pinterest. Of LOVE! What a fantastic way to keep track of inspirations! Right now my creative brain has been zeroing in on style ideas for my new job, so much fun!
  •  In addition to fantasizing about what I’ll wear I’ve come to the realization that the collection of vintage items I’ve been collecting to put into my Etsy Shop are more than likely going to put into my Closet – cuz I love what I’ve collected so far J  Back to the drawing board!
  • My cousin came for a quick visit over the weekend and it was so great to be able to spend some time with her. Our family is a mash-up of all walks of life, which I adore, however, there’s something to be said about having a family member that resembles you and your heritage. Not counting my brothers as I don’t see them very often, the only other person that seems to share my genetics (and lives in the US) is my cousin, Khara. Having lost my mother 7 years ago, it’s amazing the impact that can have on someone and feeling as though a part of their identity has been taken away. Enter Khara. She helps me feel whole in a sense because of our shared Thai heritage and it’s intensely precious to me. It’s kind of strange but I sometimes get a pang of jealousy when I see a whole family who are obviously related because of their appearance. It’s probably some weird, innate tribal thing, that whole feeling of wanting/needing to belong. Did I get too serious? Sorry about that. Moving on!

Hmm….I guess that’s all that’s really been going on in the last week and a half. Maybe not a lot in volume but a lot mentally and emotionally.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

P.S. Word count: 439 😉