Oh my goodness, nearly a year has gone by since I last posted in my little blog!

A lot has happened, life changes, personal and familial, lots of personal growth and exploring the mechanics of this brain of mine.

I’m re-starting my blog with my first time venturing into an online bible study. I’m pretty excited about it. And nervous. Not sure why I’m nervous. I think it’s because whenever I approach sermons or studying of scripture, I feel so …. unlearned. And yet I almost anticipate that I know what I’m going to be faced with, personally, and that can be intimidating.

I don’t have a bible study group I can attend in person so I looked for online options. I was feeling a little apprehensive choosing a study group to join with limited information on who would be hosting but I was drawn to Women’s Bible Cafe. I have joined their summer reading group, we will be studying Gideon using Priscilla Shirer’s ‘Gideon – Your weakness. God’s strength’.



I’m really looking forward to exploring scripture more, I often feel drawn to do so, or rather, called to do so. Part of my personal growth is learning to let go and not try to control my path so much and spend more time listening and allowing God to guide me. And I believe this is where He is leading me. To be an eager student, with open ears and an open heart.




School is almost in

My summer of leisure will soon be coming to an end.

This is what my heart will be aching for….

Finally got me some blowfish

Feeling a little grown up today. I admit it’s rare.

I’ve always been a fan of Blowfish shoes (this ever popular e-shop) and always thought their prices were reasonable. Well, their sale prices. The only time I pay full price for anything is at a thrift store. And even then I usually have a 20% coupon.

Even with reasonable sale prices, they were always just out of reach of these hands. Or rather a guilt-ridden conscious. It’s hard wanting to fulfill those wants that linger around in a girls brain when you have kids to raise and always seem to be in need of something. Or even when they don’t need something. It’s hard to justify spending money on yourself.

But I digress.

Blowfish was having a BIG sale and marked down a lot of their shoes with crazy low prices, plus free shipping. I just couldn’t resist. I had just enough change saved up to make the splurge.

Thrill Seekers Need Not Apply

We took the boys to Cedar Point a few days ago. It also happened to be G’s birthday. Just a coincidence though. We didn’t go to celebrate his birthday. For that I snuck a carrot cake into my bag for us to nosh on in the hotel room.

My oldest had been once before but the other two were newbies. As for G and I, it had been quite a few years. We learned a few things.

1. Our youngest has no interest in seeking out thrills. Feet firmly planted on the ground is how he prefers to operate.

2. Our middle son has limits to his thrill seeking. Which sometimes sneak up on him. Like standing in line for 45 minutes and then getting close to ‘Go Time’ and being suddenly overcome with trembling fear.

3. Even in our old age, G and I enjoy scaring ourselves with our fear of heights.

4. Thrill seekers we are not. Well not as a collective whole when it comes to roller coasters. And that’s okay with us.

Nikolas’ first roller coaster. One we figured would be a ‘warm up’ for him but this turned out to be his standard.


The Millennium, which we discovered was Vincent’s nemisis. And of course as we’re standing there trying to calm him down, one of the cars got stuck on the tracks. Fear justified.
Top Thrill Dragster. Nope. Ain’t happening. It is pretty magnificent to watch though.
Good times were had by all. Next time though we’ll be getting a hotel night for the same night. Driving home proved to be quite tiresome. I guess that happens when you’re getting old.



Sadly summer is coming to a close, school will be starting up in just a few weeks.

This summer has been pretty amazing though so I can’t complain. The boys and I have spent a better part of it at the lake or just lounging around.

I’ve been trying to tap into my creative side a bit more lately as well. It’s something that’s been pushed to the wayside for the last few months while I was focusing on other things. But I’m back at it. I have no real creative direction at the moment but I’m figuring as I dabble around with different small projects, true inspiration will hit.

Speaking of inspiration, my boys crack me up. I remember being so inspired while watching the Olympics. Especially when I was a gymnast. The skies the limit. Two of my boys seem to be suddenly inspired to become swimmers though. An interest they have never even pretended to have before. They’re so weird.

As our free summer days wind down, we still have a lot of fun planned. Can’t wait to close out this summer with a lot more happy memories.