Wind is changing…

My poor little blog has been neglected for quite some time. After meeting with a dear friend today, I am freshening up this place per her suggestion. I have some ideas on how to make this place more of my own that I’ll put into place very soon. Change is good.


Happy Mother’s Day – Early

I came home to these little lovelies today. I’ve wanted chickens for a while and we talked about getting them. Well, the hubby took the plunge and surprised me with these adorable birds. I spent a better portion of the evening hanging out with them, all of just getting used to each other. I’m in love with all of them already and look forward to the reaping of chicken and duck eggs and a loving companionship.

Three of the chickens have this gorgeous coat of two tone feathers. Pictures do not do them justice. Then there are two redheads. One a lighter shade than the other. The darker of the two seemed to establish herself to be the leader of the pack….er flock. She was the most courageous of the lot when it came to exploring and is quite friendly. The other redhead started getting more comfortable as time passed. The other three were a little more standoffish but I have no doubt that they will become quite comfortable. 



And then there are these three little cuties. Oh my goodness are they ever precious. They are 6 days old and follow my husband and youngest son all over the yard. They get just enough underfoot as you walk to make me worry but they’ll gain size in no time, so that won’t be an issue for too long.Image



I wish I had gotten some pictures of my dog Cassie. She did not appreciate the other dogs coming around this new addition to the family. She tends to be territorial with the ones she loves. She’s very sweet with all 8 of these lovelies. I’m certain I’ll get some pictures this week. There’s something about witnessing animals of different species getting along. I don’t care what anyone says, animals have incredible personalities and thought processes. There is no denying it. At least not in my household. Everyone of us, even the fish, have some sort of voice.

Happy Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and it’s supposed to be gloriously beautiful today. 

Enjoying my tea, waiting on the sun to get up high in the sky

In the meantime I’m watching The Biggest Loser and chillin’ with my homies


Oh happy day!


Today is going to be a great day, I can feel it in my bones.

Today marks the first full day that I actually feel healed from the nasty sinus infection I have suffered from for weeks.

Today is the last day of work and then SPRING BREAK!! Woot woot! Super excited for a week long vacation.

The school is having a prom fashion show where the kids will be modeling prom attire and kids will also be performing in various acts of music. I love seeing kids being creative and showing off their talents that they are passionate about.

Today marks just one day to go before I get my back piece started. I’m getting at tattoo done on my lower back, all the way across. It is going to be a tribute piece for my mother. I’m just getting the outline done. Hopefully next month I can start the color.

Today marks the last day before spring break, of which I will be spending a week hanging out with my man, working out in the gym, going for hikes and bike rides and just overall enjoying the predicted gorgeous weather.

Today marks one week until we go down to Columbus to visit with family and see The Hunger Games movie!!!

Today marks one week until we go down to Columbus to visit with family and go to the 44th Anniversary Ohio State Karate and Ju-Jitsu Championship! I’m really looking forward to my first competition next Saturday.

And today I’m so excited that it’s going to be sunny and in the 70’s!!

Lots to be thankful and grateful for and thankful and grateful I am.