Oh happy day!


Today is going to be a great day, I can feel it in my bones.

Today marks the first full day that I actually feel healed from the nasty sinus infection I have suffered from for weeks.

Today is the last day of work and then SPRING BREAK!! Woot woot! Super excited for a week long vacation.

The school is having a prom fashion show where the kids will be modeling prom attire and kids will also be performing in various acts of music. I love seeing kids being creative and showing off their talents that they are passionate about.

Today marks just one day to go before I get my back piece started. I’m getting at tattoo done on my lower back, all the way across. It is going to be a tribute piece for my mother. I’m just getting the outline done. Hopefully next month I can start the color.

Today marks the last day before spring break, of which I will be spending a week hanging out with my man, working out in the gym, going for hikes and bike rides and just overall enjoying the predicted gorgeous weather.

Today marks one week until we go down to Columbus to visit with family and see The Hunger Games movie!!!

Today marks one week until we go down to Columbus to visit with family and go to the 44th Anniversary Ohio State Karate and Ju-Jitsu Championship! I’m really looking forward to my first competition next Saturday.

And today I’m so excited that it’s going to be sunny and in the 70’s!!

Lots to be thankful and grateful for and thankful and grateful I am.


Me Tonto.

Oh my good gravy, if you only knew how excited I am to read this news!!!

Johnny Depp will be playing ‘Tonto’ in the upcoming movie “The Lone Ranger”. Well upcoming meaning May of next year but that’s okay.

image from People.com

Smash posting!

With as busy as I have been, here is a ‘Smash’ post of what I’ve been up to

(‘smash’ as in the trending scrapbooking idea of scrapbooking a single page or two with whatever is on your mind at the moment – which I’m loving and think it will suit me perfectly. See more via SMASH)

Anxiously waiting for Saturday so I can see this much anticipated fight

Tate vs Rousey

Visualizing my personal fitness goals

Pauline Nordin

Trying to clean up my eating habits

The Hormone Diet

Planning the annual summer getaway for just me and my man

Worlds End State Park

How I have unfortunately been feeling for the last three weeks

Ouchy sinuses

and still loving my shaved head