Sunday Reflections

I had the loveliest of weekends. Time spent with family was quality and a wonderful reminder of all the good that surrounds me.

My little family went on a hike after indulging in Easter dinner. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since we have done that. At least since last summer. We used to go so often.


P.S. Yes I have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and I’m quite happy about it.


Me Tonto.

Oh my good gravy, if you only knew how excited I am to read this news!!!

Johnny Depp will be playing ‘Tonto’ in the upcoming movie “The Lone Ranger”. Well upcoming meaning May of next year but that’s okay.

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Seeking Therapy

It seems that about every other month I have panic attacks in my home where I think I’m being suffocated by…stuff. Just stuff. The boys stuff. My husbands stuff. My stuff.

I don’t think we necessarily have a lot of stuff. It’s just finding places to put the stuff that makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes.

So instead of feeling plagued by our stuff and trying to use avoidance as a coping tactic, which clearly isn’t working, I’m going to work on purging some of our stuff and finding actual places for the remaining stuff.

I’ve fallen in love with Apartment Therapy to help me figure out what I can do to ease this process and also enhance the process of making my house more of a home.

Our house has been under a constant process of construction for the last seven years. At this point you’d think I was feeling good about projects finally coming to a close or long awaited projects beginning but truly, I’m very uncomfortable in my house. I don’t feel relaxed when I come home.¬† Not how I prefer my home to be. This time of year is not ideal either. We have three dogs and three cats in addition to our family of five in a house that is 1,000 square feet. All eleven of us are cooped up in a house that really feels out of sorts. Does not make for a happy me.

Hopefully with the next slew of changes we ( namely my husband) is working on, and some re-organizing I am doing, will soon result in me feeling more at home.

Part of that process¬† requires me to learn to work with what we have, not what we don’t. No matter how much I protest, I am not going to gain another foot of depth in my closest by crossing my arms and scowling. That method doesn’t work. Cuz I’ve tried.

Here are some of my favorite images of inspirations to help me during this process

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Like a fine wine….

I woke up this morning one year older. This girl has made it 34 years in this crazy world and I couldn’t be happier.

The boys showered me with darling gifts. A pair of owl slippers, a footed sleeper in hot pink with banana’s and monkeys all over it, a darling purple knit slouchy beanie.

The hub surprised me with wanting to get me the Ninja Pulse Blender so I can make smoothies and juices. I say “wanting to get me” the blender because he knew I’d have a coupon to get it for less, ha.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

I spent the day cheering on my boy Vincent at his wrestling tournament (7 hours – phew!) and then home, eating all kinds of fattening foods in addition to my favorite salmon patties that my hub makes.

It’s been a long day, full of good company and coziness on the couch with blankets and sweatpants.

Oh yeah, and I finished this today too

Bring on the next!